Places to Look for a Job

Below you will find an overview of all of the places you may be interested in looking for a job, whilst you may be well versed with places that do advertise jobs, if this is the first time you have started to look for a job then you may find this guide of some use.

Remember that the job market is an ever changing one, and as such when you are hunting around for a vacancy at any company you need to be aware that they are likely to advertise their jobs in different places.

Also keep in mind that jobs do become available at different times of the day so it will certainly be beneficial for you to ensure you keep checking back at any of the following places for as soon as a job becomes available that is the best time you should apply for that job.

Local Newspaper – The local newspaper is going to be just as good a place as any for you to look for jobs in the local area, however be aware that one tip for making sure you get your name down as quickly as possible for any interview for any job advertised in the local press is for you to apply for those jobs quickly. While this may seem like an antiquated method, you will find that some younger professionals are completely overlooking this valuable source of employment.

So make sure that you get your copy of any local newspapers as early as you can do, and then phone up and make enquiries for any of the jobs that have taken your fancy as soon as you can do. Ensure that you are contacting the job poster as soon as humanly possible, as being the first to answer a post will showcase your keenness.

Job Centre – The local Job Centre is another place that you can of course look for any jobs either locally or nationally, however do keep in mind that many larger companies do not advertise their jobs in such places, and as such you should also be looking elsewhere for jobs too.

Recruitment Agencies – You will find that in most large towns and cities there will be at least one recruitment agency that covers those areas and they will also be worth checking on in your quest to find a job.

Keep in mind though that the types of jobs you will find advertised may be fairly low paid jobs, due to the employer paying the recruitment agency to help them find employees. You will most likely be required to do testing before you are eligible for higher paying jobs.

However, when you do sign up to a recruitment agency if you do take a lot of the temporary jobs they have available then you will have proven you are reliable and you can often then be guaranteed of being offered lots of additional work in the future, if only low paid temporary types of jobs.

Word of Mouth – It is usually the employees of any company that will be the first to know if there are any currently available jobs or vacancies available at the place they work, and as such make sure you tell everyone you know that you are looking for work and to ask them to tell you as soon as they find out any job vacancies are available at the places they work!

Shop and Business Windows – When a business is in urgent need of staff you will often find that as well as advertising the job vacancies available in the more standard and usual places they may also advertise those jobs by placing an advert in the window of their premises.

The most common companies and business that tend to advertise in these ways are pubs and clubs, fast food outlets and also retail stores. So instead of sitting at home looking online for a suitable job vacancy it may pay dividends and be beneficial for you to get out and about every now and then. Ensure that you put the best foot forward in terms of your appearance.

Job Themed Websites – One final place that you are always going to find plenty of job on offer is the internet, be aware that there are of course a huge number of dedicated job sites out there that will always be some of the first places that many of the largest employers will be advertising their available job vacancies on. The largest job website in the UK is If you want more information, we have published the following article on job websites found at

However, do keep in mind that many of the largest companies and business will also have their own websites and as such you can often find those websites list all of the currently available jobs available, so spend as much time as you can hunting around many different websites as by doing so you will certainly find plenty of jobs being advertised.

However, if you do come across a website that charges you to access their website then avoid visiting such places as you should never be forced to pay anything when you are looking for work, and most of those website are simply a scam and the jobs you will find advertised on them are available elsewhere on websites that can be viewed completely free of charge!