Privacy Policy

Both you and us want to be able to surf the web without having to give away any of our personal information, and as such we have put together the following privacy policy that we hope you find time to read through.

Below you will find all of the ways that you may be required to provide us with some information and you will also find details of why we need that information and how we use it. However, at no time will you have to sign up to this website to use or view any aspect or area of the site.

The first thing we should inform you about is that we use cookies on this website and as such by visiting it you will have a cookie placed onto your computer which allows this website to recognise you as a returning visitors and it will then showcase to you a range of information that you may be interested in viewing based on your previous visit. For example, if you enjoyed a certain article and are frequently returning to this article, we will be able to add additional content onto our website based on this article.

The cookie that our server will place onto your website will never reveal any of your own personal details and you are able to remove it from your computer or mobile device at any time.

You may be required to give us some personal information if you register to use this site or to make posts and comments were permitted. The information you provide us with will at all times be stored securely and will never be passed onto or sold onto any third party.

If we have been requested by law however to furnish any members details that we hold then that information may be passed onto the relevant authorities.

The information that we gather as standard from anyone visiting this website is the country which they have accessed this website from, their type of device they used and also the operating system and web browser used to view and visit this site.

By us compiling statistical data from all of our website visitors we are then able to put our efforts into adding additional content and information that our website users appear to be most interested in.

One final thing we would like to point out to you is that we do have several links, either test links or image and banner links that will take you to some third party website that we feel may be of interest to you.

However, as those websites are third party ones and we do not own or operate then we can be held responsible for any content found on those third party website, and you should read through each sites privacy policies and any additional terms and conditions if you choose to visit those sites or are thinking of using any service offered by those sites.